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This is a mature and age mature clan which expects appropriate behavior from all members.(7) No divisive behavior such as 'under the radar drama', recruiting for an existing or planned clan amongst our members, pot stirring, overt and excessive attention seeking behavior, or taking any action deemed by Deputies and Owner as undermining clan continuity and/or stability.(8) Participate in clan chat as much as is comfortable for you to do so.

When participating in a dangerous activity you may leave cc.

Failure to do so will result in referral of incident to Owner and Deputies for further action at their sole discretion. Time stamped non-broken, non-selective, consecutive screen shots of cc dialog are always beneficial to help sort facts. Clan Officer will explain which clan rules were broken along with expected acceptable behavior.6.

If the matter can not be resolved by a lower ranking Officer it will be referred to Owner or Deputies for appropriate action.(B) Second Conversation With Member:1. Since this is the second intervention by an officer, (5) will be explained again, with greater emphasis on correcting unacceptable behavior.3.

Average member age is 35 with many older adults in their 40's-70's which provides a very pleasant atmosphere for our many guests. Thank you for considering Fealty Stars Shamantha444 Founding Owner Fealty Stars clan chat has established itself as one of the most pleasant and desirable clan chats in Rune Scape for good reason .. please try to express yourself with a better choice of words.

We have no age or level restrictions nor xp output requirements but do expect mature behavior. If you do have a slip-up please make a small apology to cc which effectively makes it 'go away'.

Please guest with us a few days to see if our chat is what you're looking for. Citadel plots are never locked and open to use as much as needed. Our policy is for clan Officer(s) to private message member to request an apology.

Tier-7 citadel so all plots complete which give max xp. Any member continuing to use blatant profanity, vulgarity or obscenity will be dealt with under Disciplinary Rules below, which provide for immediate kicking when necessary.(3) No arguing, overt or covert drama, rants or bullying in clan chat.

No botting or macroing No scamming No luring No flaming (no insulting members or guests) No bullying No pk-ing clan members No begging/asking for free money or free items(10) Disciplinary Rules(A) Officer's First Conversation With Member:1.You will be informed that if you do not correct your behavior immediately to conform with acceptable conduct, next incident will be a Warning.(C) Warning:1.Warning is the third and final step prior to kicking and banning. All of (A) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6), (B) (1) (2) (3) apply.3.Our chat is known throughout Rune Scape as being friendly and welcoming to all.We are a drama-free family friendly no profanity chat. My pm is always on so happy to answer any questions. In order to ensure that everyone fits well within Fealty Stars clan culture, we have the following rules which all members must follow.(1) All Jagex Rules Apply Rules Of Runescape(2) No profanity, vulgarity or obscene language in clan chat ...

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You will then be able to make multiple reports without any time delay. (3) Jagex added several categories for reporting whatever you feel should be reported.