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Hungary dating mariage

There exists an anti-discrimination law in the Act on Public Health since 1997.

The 2003 Act on Equal Treatment and the Promotion of Equal Opportunities forbids discrimination based on factors that include sexual orientation and gender identity in the fields of employment, education, housing, health, and access to goods and services.

The couple appealed to the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights (the Ombudsman responsible for the rights of children, nationalities in Hungary, vulnerable social groups and the interests of future generations), who found the child protection service's rejection of the couple unlawful and discriminatory. France case, in which the European Court of Human Rights ruled that one's sexual orientation should not be a factor in adoption cases.

The Commissioner said that "a person wishing to adopt has no right to adopt a particular child, but s/he does have the right to equal treatment and equality before the law in the procedure." The Commissioner based their decision on the 2008 E. In 2000, the Constitutional Court recognized that the constitutional ban on discrimination based on "other status" covers sexual orientation as well.

Homosexuality is legal in Hungary for both men and women.During the following months, the couple took care of a 16-month-old girl, but later child protection service stopped the application procedure due to the couple's sexual orientation.This decision disrupted the life of the child, as she would not eat properly anymore and had to be taken to a child psychologist.In February 2009, the Parliament approval a modified version of the bill.Since 1 July 2009, same-sex couples can enter into registered partnerships.

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Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is banned in the country.